The king of beans. Soybeans is a globally traded commodity produced in both temperate and tropical regions and serves as a key source of protein and vegetable oils.

Origin: Argentina
Protein 45% 47%

Non GMO Soy for Humans

Data sheet

Commodity soybean # 2 non gmo grade ii latest crop production, specification:
Yellow soybeans grade # 2 non gmo-for human quality standard export quality


  • Non GMO Moisture 13,5% max
  • Protein 45-47%
  • Soybean of Other Color 2% max
  • Oil Content 18,5% Min
  • Fibre 4,5% max
  • Splits 20% max
  • Test Weigth 54 ponds per
  • Total Damage 5% max
  • Foreing Mix. 1% max
  • Radiation Normal Crop 20/21
  • Heat Damaged 5% max

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