Yellow corn, animal feed

yellow corn

Yellow corn, animal feed, GMO and Non GMO, Origin USA/Europe/Asia


Yellow Corn, animal feed

  • Description of commodity: Yellow corn, GMO & Non GMO, animal feed
  • Crop: 2020/2021
  • Origin: USA/Europe/Asian
  • Shipment terms: UPON REQUEST
  • Total Quantity: 100.000 tm / month x 12 months (gmo) + 500.000 tm / month x 12 months
  • Duration of Contract: 12 Months
  • Indicative Price: 215,00 – 225,00 $US / MT Ask for a quote here
  • Delivery time: 35 days after MT760 SBLC and MT 103 payment is received
  • Payment terms: SBLC MT760 and MT103
  • Inspection: SGS or CCIC Inspection Report at the loading port.
  • Packing: 50 KG. pp. bags BULK

Product specifications

Yellow Corn Non GMO for Human consumption σpecifications:

  • Yellow Corn Non GMOName: Yellow Corn Non GMO
  • Grade: 2st
  • Moisture: 4% -14,5%Max
  • Admixture: 2,5% Max
  • Protein: 9% Min
  • Damaged Kernel: 2,0% Max
  • Broken: 4% Max
  • Foreign Matter: 3% Max
  • Damaged/ Discolored/ Immature: 3% Max
  • Weevilled Damaged: 2% Max
  • Free molding, chemicals and insects
  • Aflatoxin: 20 PPB

Yellow corn grade #2 gmo, suitable for human consumption, shall conform to the following specifications:

  • Commodity : yellow corn grade #2
  • Origin : USA/Europe/Asian
  • Quality : standard export quality
  • Type : yellow corn for human
  • Consumption
  • Grade : #2 GMO
  • Moisture : 15%Max
  • Broken Kernels and foreign materials 3%Max Damaged kernels : 3%Max
  • Head Damage Kernels : 0,2%Max
  • Aflatoxin not exceeds : IOPPM Max
  • Protein : 9% Min
  • Latest Crop
  • Free of all kind of moulds
  • Free of sprouted grains
  • Other product properties, if any, not mentioned herein, shall conform to international specifications.

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