James Charles in 2021 after the influencers war

James Charles in 2021 after the influencers war

James Charles in 2019 was involved in an influencers war, losing in a few hours more than 1.000.000 of his fans. Was this his catastrophy? No! And he keept counting for weeks. Was this his catastrophy? No! He has in 2012 more than 25.000.000 funs in his Youtube Channel.

In less than three years, James Charles, now 21, became famous as an instant influencer by creating his own YouTube channel. There he writes his own, exceptional story and he becomes a global phenomenon. 2 years ago he got into a war with other influencers resulting in losing thousands of “friends” every minute. James Charles in 2021, after the influencers war, has over 25 million followers on youtube alone.

Hi sisters!

hi sisters by James CharlesStarting every video with ‘’Hi Sisters”, that it has now been a worldwide brand, rouse a whole generation, Generation Z. With just a simple welcoming phrase he managed to be the No1 influencer in 5 continents and fans using this characteristic phrase so as to welcome people in real life or videos.

Beauty Guru

In his videos he focuses in fashion and makeup,  drawing on his face with bright colours, using new  technics and overall being ahead of his time


He created his own clothing brand with a huge variety of clothes to choose from: athletic wear, hoodies, t-shirts and accessories such as phone cases, belts, and even a sister fan


In 2018-2019 he has collaborated with huge names of the internet and influencers. He has collabed with the models Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, makeup artists/ beauty gurus such as Jeffree Star, Nikita Dragun, Antonio Garza and comedians like the Dolan Twins, Emma Chamberlain, and Shane Dawson.

His most known collab and the one that got him a big fat bank account is his collaboration with Morphe, where he created his own makeup pallete with 39 shades, inspired by his makeup looks.

Every shade is named after his favorite phrases (“you’re kidding” or “love that”), scandals (flashback)and his favorite drinks (Pinkity Drinkity)


Like every influencer, James has his own haters as well. In 2017 fans and haters after seeing a picture of James having a little flashback moment, they created a meme as known as “Flashback Mary”. James instead of letting the hate get into him he named an eyeshadow name after it(flashback) and even changed his twitter name to “Flashback Mary” for a little while.  


Hate doesn’t just stop in a cute little meme. It can destroy your whole career, you know, the one you spent 5 years building up. Somebody’s influence can be so big you can literally lose a million subscribers in 12 hours, like it happened to james, apparently.

This whole story started at Coachella when James promoted Sugar Bear Hair, hair vitamins that almost every influencer has tried and of course promoted.

Tati Westbrook has her own “beauty vitamins” company, known as halo beauty. She got a little bit offended as James has previously said “my audience is young and it’s inappropriate” After that, Tati and James heated up. James posted a public apology but Tati didn’t seem to accept it. Instead, she got furious and spilled all the tea about him and his behavior, in real life, not behind a screen, not somewhere you can edit out what awful things you said.


At this moment, a couple of hours after James Charles got involved in influencers war, the whole world is watching his subscriber count falling dramatically and other influencers unfollowing him. Videos are posted every hour on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok where they show his pallet and merch being burned.


Countdown video 10/5/2019: 23:05

Apology as epilogue

Earlier James posted an apology video for everything he has done with the title “Tati” while on Snapchat, he’s just living a normal life, updating his Australian fans, if there are any left,  about his pop-up shop in Pacific Fair.

The above story just shows how we’re influenced by everyone so easily that we go from idolizing a person to hating them in just a few seconds. But also that we quickly forget all the bad! 

In conclusion, James Charles in 2021 after the influencers war is even more stronger.

Before you go, read an other interesting article in eyeballit.eu here. Its about the Afghan hounds. They are like havong a natural make up and hairstyling!

Thank you metomati.gr for the information given.

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