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eyeball it means View. Assess. Access. Do It! Act in a simple and un-conventional manner.

Eyeball it means: ViewAssessAccessDo It! Act in a simple and un-conventional manner.

Eyeballit.eu is a fresh marketplace, where sellers can meet buyers and buyers can find what they are looking for, in the most convenient price.

Why eyeballit.eu?

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If you are a seller:

  • It is like an online exhibition room.
  • It is accessible from all over the word, all days and every hour, no matter the time zones.
  • It is a time saver, since the buyers know what they are asking from the sellers and the sellers know what they can expect from the buyer.
  • It is a good way to understand the global trends in the market.
  • You can find your business partners from all over the world, without travel expenses and digital marketing plans.

If you are a buyer:

  • It is like you are visiting a lot of exhibition rooms and trade fairs at the same time.
  • By clicking some buttons, you can evaluate products, sellers, terms, prices, delivery schedules.
  • Get a tailored experience and enjoy simpler user journeys.
  • Protect your anonymity till the moment you decide which is the best offer and the best seller for you.

We do not disclose everything yet, stay tuned!

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